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Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Hi guys and welcome back to another blog post. Today we are going to be talking about the cameras we use with filming. Choosing the right and the best camera is as vital as a chef picking the perfect recipe for a food critic. There are a vast array of different cameras all at affordable prices that you can browse here:

The best Blackmagic cameras are used in production studios around the world, but at prices far lower than traditional big-name cameras. The Blackmagic Design’s key to success is offering an easy entry point into studio and broadcast quality video cameras at unfathomably reasonable prices. They also offer all the hardware to accompany the camera kit including switchers, disk recorders and storage, converters, and much more, so users really can create an entire Blackmagic system for their home office, or professional studio.

I am the proud owner of 3 Blackmagic cameras.

  • Blackmagic cinema

  • Blackmagic Pocket 6k

  • Blackmagic Pocket 6k pro

But why did I choose to get a blackmagic? Let alone 3?

The Menu- As far as these cameras go, the black magic menu is easy to set up then to use the camera. It’s intuitive and gives you buttons to change settings while you’re shooting.

It’s Easy to use- You can swipe right or left on the screen and choose the scene, take-number, and reel, which is captured in the title of the clip. It makes organizing and going through the clips so much easier and quicker than having to split it all up into folders and taking it from there.

The Physical design- I liked the idea of a box shape, similar to the RED camera I liked and got to use on a music video shoot. With a box shape camera, it’s easy to rig up without a cage, whereas with the Pocket 6K Pro, if you want to use an external hard drive or add a follow focus, you’re going to have to get a cage. It’s great for stability when shooting hand-held, for this camera doesn’t have any IBIS.

The Footage- It's simply beautiful. The footage melts like butter, and there really isn’t anything I can compare it to at the same price point. The digital film is what I think separates it from Sony and the others. I always get clients compliment the footage and it makes me know that my decision to invest in this camera was the right one.

Did you know that some of your favourite Hollywood films, tv shows and British classics are filmed on the same cameras that we use for our videos?

Blackmagic cameras have been used in Sherlock, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Kraven, Red Notice, Mulan, Logan and many more.

One of my favourite Marvel shows Falcon and the Winter Soldier opted to use the Blackmagic Pocket 6k camera.

“We very quickly settled on the Pocket 6K,” said Falcon Cinematographer PJ Dillon. “The Pocket 6K made sense for many reasons, including the ability to use high-quality, low-weight stills lenses, but primarily because we could shoot in Blackmagic RAW. That gave us far greater control for subsequent VFX work and grading. We could set our exposure and be reasonably confident that nothing would clip and that we would retain sufficient detail in the shadows. The added benefit was that even though the camera weighed in at under two pounds, the filmmakers were able to strip the camera down even further to make it as light as possible for being mounted to the chest of a skydiver’s wingsuit.”

Dillon went on to say, “We were actually really blown away by the image quality”

So to conclude, do I recommend this camera?

Absolutely. All 3 of my blackmagic's have served me well and helped me create amazing content for my clients and have allowed me to capture my vision for my own personal films. If you are wanting to shoot beautifully cinematic footage in stunning quality that can be graded to within an inch of its life, with shallow depth-of-field from the Super35mm sensor, this is the camera for you.

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