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Is tiktok dyng?

Updated: Dec 10, 2022




Or not, maybe I'm over exaggerating but recently I've came to the conclusion after working on Tiktoks for various companies for around 2 years now that they really need to change a few things to keep relevance and stay in the lime light before companies like Youtube take over.

Everyone has heard about TikTok and most has fell victim to the hype around and on the platform. Whilst a small minority are still hesitating to start using the app, others are already producing on a scale and trying to get famous in order to redirect traffic on the platform due to the early reach boost offered to content creators and now even business of all scale. From the period of 2020-2022 tiktok was the platform everyone, businesses included ran to for content creation and marketing, but Little that everyone knows, I believe we are already witnessing the end of the early stages and entering a more mature phase where people are starting to look away from tiktok to other platforms with more benefits.

So why is tiktok dying?

It’s become harder to get your content out there, thanks to the biased and constantly changing algorithms. The TikTok algorithm is a system that decides which videos to display to users on their For You page depending on their individual preferences. In other words, it’s the system that determines which videos you’d be interested in seeing. As a result, the For You page is highly personalized for each individual user, and no two users will see exactly similar pages.

I myself am a content creator and along with my girlfriend Jasmine have both got a following of over 35k followers and are experiencing issues with our content reach and engagement due to the algorithm changes. Lots of mutual content creators have experienced a steep decline in views after the recent algorithm change.

However, I've seen some speculation that this is due to TikTok seeking to reduce payouts to creators who have accumulated large followings and view counts and are part of the tiktok creator fund who make money from their videos. We both have started using youtube shorts and reels and have had much better reach and engagement. This could be enough for users to start pulling away from the platform.

A worthy competitor..

Youtube shorts-

YouTube Is Monetizing Shorts With 45% Revenue Split and creators will soon be able to make money from Shorts as the company announces a plan to expand monetization in early 2023. This could sway tiktok users to shorts as they could earn more than the very small amounts tiktok offers. Shorts is also currently pushing creators' content out much more than tiktok and has a sense of community compared to tiktok. Don’t believe me? Look at a youtuber fan meetup compared to a tiktoker.

In time, all things fade- As reddit user Jakelacaze stated- “TikTok will likely continue to grow until it reaches a point where it fails to innovate. Finally, against all odds, some new, refreshing, agile app will come along and disrupt things. Then that company will be surpassed by something new.”

So what do you think? Do you think tiktok is dying? To listen and see more of my take on this topic, you can watch my video here:

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