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Hi there,

Welcome to Another World Media’s blog!

Here you will find my thoughts, feelings, advice and criticisms of the wondrous world of filmmaking. Whether it be commercial, corporate or creative, there is something in filmmaking for everyone.

So how is this blog going to work?

The plan is that each week we will have a new and exciting topic to discuss about all aspects of filmmaking. I want to be able to help educate and inspire aspiring filmmakers of all abilities and backgrounds to start telling stories through film.

I think it’s only fair to start this journey by telling you a little about me, what inspires me and how I started in this industry, So here is a little about me.

Hello! I’m Joey.

You may know me as the Spiderman guy. I am a 28-year-old

Leicester based director, VFX artist, video editor, videographer and most importantly filmmaker. I am the proud father to my son Tristan, cat dad to my cat Darthie and a loving partner to my girlfriend Jasmine (you may spot them from time to time in my films and commercials, thanks guys!).

There is nothing I love more than telling stories through my films.

We have the power to create wonder, magic, and escapism through our creations in which I believe the current world truly needs. Stories have made their way through centuries and being able to create my own and add to them, it is my life’s purpose. Some of the stories I have created during my filmmaking career can be found on my IMDB page ( and on my youtube (

I got into filmmaking when I was in college. My introduction to filmmaking was through the eyes of Steven Spielberg in Jurassic Park . I was captivated by the magic and artistic ability of Spielberg due to his creation of bringing fantasy and reality together in such a natural way. This caused my life and career path changed within seconds. I found myself deeply invested in my media studies course and excelled. This is where my filmmaking began. I made little, short videos for my YouTube channel of skits and music videos which led me to creating my first Spider - Man movie that currently sits at 60 million views on YouTube! This opened the door for me getting my first few jobs filming commercials and advertisements for local companies that got me into the industry. I started by taking on bookings for a variety of jobs such as weddings, filming classes like yoga, dance and taking on VFX editing to develop my skills further.

I started Another World Media during 2020 and wanted to offer different kinds of videos that were out of the ordinary for ads and companies to use. I pursued making commercial and corporate videos that you stand out from others and videos that you would think about after watching it, bringing comedy and colour to the industry. One tip I can give to you now is in this industry, time is valuable and attention spans are shorter (thank you TikTok), so filming videos for clients must change along with the industry. Being able to stay on top and be knowledgeable about these trends only benefits yourself and your clients.

Now here in 2022, after pushing myself throughout the years, to be better by mastering the software I was using, researching, developing practising as many skills such as filming, writing, VFX, editing, directing as I could and finding a strong and unified creative team to help me achieve my vision, I have found myself in a thriving industry surrounded by likeminded passionate and talented community doing a job that I love.

Well thank you for reading my first blog post. I would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations of what topics you’d like to hear about.

Until next time.

- J

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