Written and Directed by

Joey Lever


Ellis Dawkins

Holly Brown

Cinematography by

Charlie Harris

Joey Lever

On-set sound by

Dafydd A Man

BTS by

Jay Innes Threlfall


Teravis Ward


Nicky Williams

Score by

Charlotte Auzins



Steve Price

as Grant

India-Lily Cooper

as Lioness

Jude Forsey

as Hop

Lamissah La-Shontae

as Rhi

Cole and Corey Hebden

as Mag & Pie

Alfie Cooper

as Angler

Val Monk

as Queen Bee

Elisha-Rose Rowley

as Kirsty

Meet The Characters

Screenshot 2020-09-28 at 15.38.25.png


Name: Flynn

Age: 44

Death: 1999

Cause of Death: impaled by film equipment

Info: Flynn worked in the studio before Jeff as a radio techniation as he loved 90s pop culture and never wanted to be away from it. He quickly fell in love with music, films and theatre but the love of a Ghostly woman really took his heart.


Screenshot 2020-09-28 at 15.38.56.png


Name: Sprite

Age: 61

Death: 1982

Cause of Death: Danced too hard to Michael Jacksons "Thriller"

Info: Someone that loves power. being a Ghost has opened a whole new world for Spirite, not only can she now walk through walls but she can now use her sadistic natural dark talents to scare the living

Screenshot 2020-09-28 at 15.39.12.png


Name: Malone

Age: 22

Death: 2014

Cause of Death: Unknown

Info: Optomistic, fun, excitable personality. loves being a ghost and being around other ghosts. One of his favoutite things to do is haunt the living.

Screenshot 2020-09-28 at 15.39.43.png


Name: Jeff

Age: 48

Death: 2019

Cause of Death: Heart Attack

Info: Jeff was the studio owner for "369 Film studios", He ended up running the studio for 10 years until a recent myserious death.




An adventure of self-discovery and battling inner turmoil.



Ever since I started filmmaking a few years back I always wanted to use my youtube channel to really focus all my time and energy on directing! I wanted to create little shorts with my company and show the world how we created it! With Spider-Man and Tyrannosaur taking so long I really wanted to set myself a few goals for this film.

The goals for Ghosts

- Write the film in ONE NIGHT

- Film the whole film in ONE DAY

- NO rehearsals

- Edit in ONE WEEK

Don't want to read? No worries We made a video!

  • What we do in the Shadows

  • The Office

One of the genres I wanted to work towards on this film is a "Mockumentary" Ive watched so many Mocks in my life and none of them come closer to the Office, Derek, and What we do in the Shadows. My film is HEAVILY inspired from these. Had such a great time learning the art of Mockumentaries while also watching Documentaries to really nail that format.






The Secret


Filmed in Leicester

There were 5 locations I needed, A Big space for me to create a fort, a forest, a church, a house and open grassy space.

Everything actually was super easy to find, Many places like St Nicholas church, 369 Film studios, My home ect were super easy to contact and get but what was very hard was a forest beautiful enough and a somewhere that was privately owned so we were able to go in and out without any problems. Luckily we we're able to find that very fast. The forest we used were privatley owned by an amazing person within charnwood who allowed us to do any kind of filming and use any props we require as long as we took care of his garden. of course, after a few meetings we accepted. this area also had a cliff edge, open grassy field and many many areas we could film in, we set 90% of the film here.



The first-ever post I made of "Ghosts" was to announcing the film and needing help for casting. Of course i had the main characters sorted but i needed the "Film Crew", "Actors in the GS" room and The Priest

These shoes were evenually filled by Steve Price, Mike J Stevenson, Mitch lockitt, Jasmine Cooper and Kim Piper!




Part three for both applications and send back to me as soon as possible that would be great. This enables each council to collate all the information they have received and process the application in enough time, as sometimes they require 10 – 21 days, and with Christmas just around the corner we want to get this completed as soon as we can ready for you to start shooting.”



Check our shoot VLOG here!




All ready by 9am! Crew and Cast arrived at 10am and we were ready to shoot. The day actually went super smooth, we somehow planned the day perfectly. 5 hours on our own to get a few scenes done and then the next 5 hours were blocks with the cast. Steve coming in at 3pm, Extras coming at, 4 and finally Steve coming at 5 for a warp at 6! There werent really any problems on set other than us running out of time for one scene. This was caused by us taking too long on various scenes, as its a comedy we never really had a strick time on every single scenes. most scenes overlapped mainly because some scenes were too funny for us actors to actually get past. What we really should of done is split the days in two so we didnt rush, but this was the challenge. One scene that was hard was the "Haunting light stand scene" originally this lightstand was actually supposed to be a chiar, but the fishing wire kept snapping which wasted about 40 mins of our time really trying to make it work (We didnt even test to see if it would) in the end i came up wit hthe idea that a lone lightsand fell. Which was alot easier. In conculsion. We didnt get it done in one day but the second day we only had to get one scene done in so reailty if we didnt leave at 6. We actually could of done it.



The Future of "Ghosts" is uncertain but what we would really like to do is make a whole 6 Episode series with the same characters and story. One day we will try and figure out how ot get a budget for such a series and continue the story with Malone, Flynn, Sprite and maybe even Jeff!

Thank you for watching