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How do I get into the film industry?

A question we all have asked ourselves when we decide this is the career path we want to go down. It’s easy enough to buy a camera and start creating but getting in and starting within the history can seem daunting. The first step is deciding which path you want to go down. Don’t worry, you can change paths at any time if your current one isn’t for you. That’s the thing about paths, you can always turn back or create your own. With filmmaking you can go down several different routes. You have to decide whether you are going into Film, TV, Music Videos, Commercial and Corporate.

With Film and Tv, it is just that, filming for feature films, short films, tv shows and documentaries. These can start from small student films, to big studio tv shows all the way to Hollywood blockbusters. Jobs on these types of set consist of: Director, Camera Operator, Producer, Director of Photography, Editor, Production Assistant. Quite similarly with these there are a lot of similarities with music videos, commercial and corporate on a smaller scale with less crew probably needed. Now onto the useful things. The steps and advice to make that step and begin your journey into filmmaking. A good place to start is to attend film school or get a bachelor's degree wether starting from Media studies in your GCSE’S/A-levels, starting a university degree or maybe even an online degree like the open university. This is a good chance to learn the theory behind filmmaking and get some hands-on experience with the practical. This will also be a good time to start learning and experiment with the different roles in the industry so you know your strengths, weaknesses and passions. Next, I recommend you get some experience. Put yourself forward to get on set with productions and shadow the crew members. This can be for anything. Music Videos, Model videos, Student films, short films, etc. In my opinion this is the best way, as you watch the pros, learn, practise and network. You can find these chances through facebook groups, dedicated websites and through word of mouth. This is a great opportunity to also make friends and find like minded people as being on set with a great team and crew you get on with and enjoy working with makes a whole difference for not just you, but everyone on set.

Once you start getting the experience it’s time to create and organise your CV along with your portfolio or showreel. This is so potential clients can not only see your work and what you are capable of, but also see your vision, passion, creativity and productivity. These make it much easier on working your way up in the industry. Then finally, grow your network. Whether it is with other crew members, actors, editors. Making films and videos really requires a collaborative effort for everyone involved. These people you meet and work with can become friends and your next great opportunity. Other ways to get into the industry can consist of:

  • Film festivals

  • Follow industry professionals on social media platforms.

  • Go to conventions and networking events. Keep in touch with your contacts.

  • Approach companies and clients

  • Make Your Own Films

  • Intern

  • Join Online Groups and Forums

I hope this was a useful insight into how to approach and get into the industry. It can seem daunting but we were all that little fish wanting to swim into the big pond. Take care and until next time!


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