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97% Match 2015           PERIOD/DRAMA


Timmy a child 50miles away from London is experiencing his brother leaving to fight the war while in London a small child named Evan will be in the middle of the London blitz.



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Meet The Characters

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Timmy White

Timmy is 11 years old and lives in a beautiful house in the countryside with his Brother and Mother. In his spare time, he always plays with toys and spends most of his time on his own writing stories. His favorite toys are Dinosaurs, Cars, and LEGO. His Brother Carter promised Timmy he would help Timmy learn how to make Paper Planes, Timmy never grasped the concept of folding paper to form a plane and has always wanted to. A few days before the Blitz Timmy finally learned how to make a paper plane. Being young and wealthy Timmy can have anything he wants when he wants and he knows it. He gets bored very easily and never asks for anything as he doesn’t like it the easy way, he would prefer having a friend his age and play outside.




Evan lives with his mother and father in a small flat in London. They are very loving parents but both married too young and were not ready to grow up. Evans's best friend is Rosie the Bear a gift his auntie gave him a few years after he was Born, Its been by his side since he first laid eyes on it. Evan in his own time plays outside, rides his bike, and generally likes his to create his adventures. Once on a summers eve, Evan disappeared for 2 hours because he was hiding in the attic because of “monsters”. Evan is an own child and quiet a lonely boy but is very confident towards people; he can make friends in an instant and always keeps quiet positive towards his friends and family.



Sgt Carter White
and Tammy White

Carter White joined the RAF on a Short Service Commission in July 1936. He joined No. 1 Squadron at RAF Tangmere in May 1937, flying the Hawker Fury before converting to the Hawker Hurricane. Following the outbreak of war, the squadron was sent to France. On 20 April 1940, during the Battle of France, Drake scored his first kill, a Messerschmitt Bf 109. Subsequent victories over France included a Dornier Do 17 and Heinkel He 111

Tamara Was the new wife of Sgt White before the war they were a happy couple. Married young and thinking about buying a new house and starting a family. Tammy was a cook for a newly formed restaurant in the countryside and has been there for 3 years. After the death of her husband in the war. She became the manager of Cookbook and married again in 1954..




Alexander Hemley

as Timmy

Oliver Ross

as Evan

Joey Lever

as Carter

Samantha Wayte

as Tammy

BBC News caster

as Himself



Written and Directed by

Joey Lever

Cinematography by

Tom Wallbanks

On-set sound by

Jonathan Binks

Composed by

Jascha Heidicke

Drone by

Lewis Martin

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