Genre: Rap

Lacky C has been rapping for a few years on and off...performing in various locations...solo and with his group. Now he is enhancing his performance skills by playing with a live drummer and guitarist, which he belives brings his tracks out to a new dimension.
His ultimate goal is to leave his own orginal mark in the industry and to release material from himself and help other local talents on the music scene!!
'What I want to do is not talk about sex, girls etc but songs with concepts and real life issues, which can also help people in the difficult times we live in'.
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Nov 24, 2017

duration: 9:25

Behind the scenes

Kellyann & Lacky wanted to bring awareness to families suffering with domestic abuse. As something very close to their hearts, they spent all year putting together this project which aims to help families recognise the consequences of domestic violence when children are involved. The project was released on 25th November as part of International Day For Elimination Of Violence Against Women 2017. Written by Lacky C Directed by Joey Lever Produced by Kellyann Mitchell