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Malone, Flynn and Spryte are ghosts living in, and haunting, a studio. Due to brand new state-of-the-art paranormal technology, a film crew documents the spirit's biggest ever prank; on studio manager Jeff.




97% Match 2015           COMEDY/MOCKUMENTARY









Ever since I started filmmaking a few years back I always wanted to use my youtube channel to really focus all my time and energy on directing! I wanted to create little shorts with my company and show the world how we created it! With Spider-Man and Tyrannosaur taking so long I really wanted to set myself a few goals for this film.

The goals for Ghosts

- Write the film in ONE NIGHT

- Film the whole film in ONE DAY

- NO rehearsals

- Edit in ONE WEEK

One of the genres I wanted to work towards on this film is a "Mockumentary" Ive watched so many Mocks in my life and none of them come closer to the Office, Derek, and What we do in the Shadows. My film is HEAVILY inspired from these. Had such a great time learning the art of Mockumentaries while also watching Documentaries to really nail that format.

  • What we do in the Shadows

  • The Office

Don't want to read? No worries We made a video!



Jak Beasley

as Flynn

Pheobee Hammond

as Sprite

Joey Lever

as Malone

David Hardware

as Jeff


Where did we film?

369 Film studio in Leicester

Established in 2018, 369 Film Studios Ltd is a fully equipped production studio in Leicester. We have a warm and welcoming atmosphere allowing our customers to feel comfortable. Our studio is large and equipped with everything you need. 

Phone: 07473 073 429



Address: 369 Film Studios Ltd

Combine House, 7 Woodboy St, Leicester



The first-ever post I made of "Ghosts" was to announcing the film and needing help for casting. Of course i had the main characters sorted but i needed the "Film Crew", "Actors in the GS" room and The Priest

These shoes were evenually filled by Steve Price, Mike J Stevenson, Mitch lockitt, Jasmine Cooper and Kim Piper!



Part three for both applications and send back to me as soon as possible that would be great. This enables each council to collate all the information they have received and process the application in enough time, as sometimes they require 10 – 21 days, and with Christmas just around the corner we want to get this completed as soon as we can ready for you to start shooting.”


The day started with me driving to pick John Baines up! He was up and ready at 8 and we set off around 10minutes past leaving Melton at quarter past and arriving at Beaumanor at 9, which was our arrival time. We spent about an hour setting up and getting all the equipment together and I was also able to go through the storyboard again with John just so we know 300% exactly what I wanted. An hour went by and John and I set up the first light sequence with me as the subject Alexander and his mother arrived shortly after. After getting the first shot all set and ready I went down to meet them both. After a short chat asking simple questions like “how was your trip” and asking about what will happen in the day we quickly gained a relationship with each other which was great. I then set Alex in position and we got the Hallway shots done. I felt like that hallway sequence went perfectly as I had a lot of space to work with and a beautiful environment to film in! All in the entire shoot went well. We encountered our first problem an hour after the second child arrived. Oliver. We set up the room scene in “King Richards Room” and it was incredibly hard to light mainly because we didn’t have any gels and diffusers so we had to use our clothes. The room looked beautiful but some objects weren’t around in the 1940s that we had to move. Other than that and a few slip-ups on set with either the camera, sound, or kids losing interest the filming went on par and I was very happy with the finished outcome. The biggest problem we had was the child council coming in and with this happening, we were an hour behind shooting once they left. I felt a little attacked, as I never knew they were coming but if it’s needed it was needed. Luckily Alexander’s Mother was willing to stay till 5 and Beaumanor was also willing for us to stay till half 5. This helped us completely and I’m very thankful. We finally had everything we ended and was time to pack up! Ready to go home get some sleep and charge up the batteries.


Check our shoot VLOG here!